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Meet Our Academy Students

What do Bard Academy students have to say about their friends, professors, studies, and life at Simon’s Rock?

Academy Classroom

To find out, we talked to some of our students and listened to their stories. Their interests are as far-ranging as their unique backgrounds and personalities.

At Bard Academy at Simon’s Rock, students expand their intellectual curiosity with every class discussion — and this spirit of discovery and community extends far beyond the classroom.

Interested in Connecting with a current student?

We have a group of current students eager to talk about their high school experience at Bard Academy at Simon’s Rock. Get their opinions about Simon’s Rock. Find out what it was like when they were an applicant and why they decided Bard Academy at Simon’s Rock was the school for them. Get a sense of what Simon’s Rock students are really like.

 Chat with a student
Gigi Jenko

“What really shocked me…was how much everyone was expected to speak.”

Gigi Janko


Dakota Paul Bard Academy at Simon's Rock

“from day one... students were taken seriously as scholars.”

Dakota Paul


Julian Matthews

“There are so many different types of people here.”

Julian Matthews


Kate Narain

“…we all just feel connected to each other in some way.”

Kate Narain


Ajara Jagne, student at Bard Academy

“I didn’t believe it… ‘Really? College after 10th grade?’… I was intrigued.”

Ajara Jagne


Rifah Tasnim

“We actually had debates over math in math class.”

Rifah Tasnim