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Affording Bard Academy:
Tuition & Financial Aid

Age doesn’t define intellect. Our mission is to inspire the curiosity and creativity of motivated younger scholars with a challenging, empowering, and inclusive education in the liberal arts and sciences.

Bard Academy and Bard College at Simon's Rock Campus

Bard Academy Value

At Bard Academy, you will be in it with both feet from the day you arrive on campus. You won’t spend your critical years of adolescence and young adulthood preparing to apply to college. Instead, you will maximize this period of your life with access to resources like professors who are ready to engage with you in challenging discussion — and even conduct research alongside you. There’s no rush, but at Bard Academy, you can complete both high school and college in six years rather than eight, and head off to graduate school or straight out to change the world.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition includes instruction, academic support, and access to all campus facilities. The Student Activity and Health Services Fees are required of all boarding and day students.

2023–2024 Total Costs of Tuition and Boarding (beforeFinancial Aid)



Campus Residence Fee


Student Activity Fee


Student Health Insurance (Estimated)


Campus Health Services Fee


Additional Fees for New Students Only

Enrollment Fee: Domestic Students


Enrollment Fee: International Students


Writing and Thinking Workshop


Financial Aid

Nearly 80% of our students at Bard Academy receive some form of financial aid. We encourage interested families to apply. Financial awards for incoming students are available to ensure that the advantages of a Bard Academy education are as accessible as possible. Working together with your family and the online School and Student Services (SSS) financial aid system, we will determine eligibility for aid that best reflects your specific family circumstances.

Bard Academy financial aid comes in the form of grants and scholarships. Upon entry into the college program, students may become eligible to apply for federal financial aid.

Financial Aid Instructions

If you are a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident, please create an account with School and Student Services (SSS) to apply for financial aid consideration. Bard Academy’s code is 174896.

You will be instructed to fill out the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) and will receive an online username and password. You will use this information to log in at a later time to upload required documents.

If you are not a U.S. Citizen, please submit our International Student Financial Aid Profile . The Parent Financial Statement (PFS) is not required for non-U.S. citizens but we may ask for additional documentation after we review your International Student Financial Aid Profile.

Additional Required Documents

U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents

To start in Spring 2024:

  1. 2021 Federal Income Tax Return with all schedules
  2. 2022 Federal return with all schedules (once completed)
  3. 2021 W-2s
  4. 2022 W-2s

To start in Fall 2024:

  1. 2022 Federal Income Tax Return with all schedules
  2. 2023 Federal return with all schedules (once completed)
  3. 2022 W-2s
  4. 2023 W-2s

Additional documents may be requested.

Non-U.S. Citizens

Submit the International Student Financial Aid Profile .

Additional documents may be requested.

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