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Our library, officially named Alumni Library, provides academic support to all of our students. 

Our dedicated librarians provide guidance on research and writing. They also provide a variety of fun and enriching programs throughout the year, and play a key support role for many students. 

Student doing research in library

Librarians are all about Q&A, and are here to answer your questions, help you find the information you need, and teach you how to use the library and all our resources.

 Library Guide for Bard Academy Students

There are a few different ways you can get in touch with a librarian. You can always ask us in person at the Reference Desk in the library lobby or make an appointment for a one-on-one consultation. You can also reach us using these methods:

Visit the Alumni Library on to access all the library has to offer.

 Alumni Library Information and resources

Research methods, writing resources, library tools.

Explore the Library

Student Borrowing book from circulation
Circulation is the main intersection in the library: check books and DVDs out, and access items on reserve for your courses.
A student consults with a librarian about her research.
Ask a librarian for assistance with a research project or get some quick info – the reference desk is Q&A central.
Student relaxing while studying
Whether you want to relax with the newspaper; find an article from a peer-reviewed journal; browse for a DVD; or meet up for a group study session, this is the place.
Student Borrowing book from circulation
Much of the library is designated for quiet study so that you can always find a place to read, write, think, study, or just relax. The Reference Room and all the stacks are quiet areas.
Student deeply involved in research
With large tables to spread out, get deeply involved in your research, whether you’re using the reference collection or the library’s extensive online resources.
A student uses library resources while writing a paper.
The senior thesis is a requirement for a Simon’s Rock BA; it is also a work that adds to the world’s knowledge. The library archives a copy of every thesis submitted in the Reference Room.
A student finds just the right book for his research.
With 75,000 books in the stacks, this is the number one place to find just the right book or a quiet nook for a serious study session.
The library Atrium
Enjoy the quiet splash of water and the occasional call of a bullfrog. You can also meet with a tutor, get help at the writing center, or ask for advice from the pros in the Win Commons.

Library Staff

Brian Mikesell

Library Director

KellyAnne McGuire

Outreach Librarian

Erin Donahue

Program Associate, Early College Research Institute

Lili Knutson

Systems Librarian

Victoria Bokaer

Collections Librarian